Integrated Electronic Services offers the finest in new parts and equipment for the petroluem industry.

Integrated Electronic Services also offers remanufactured parts and equipment, but is not affiliated with, authorized or certified by any of these companies.

Products shown with manufacturer's names and model numbers are for reference only.

This disclaimer includes Model 970 Jr Console, Model 7021 Console, Model 7100V, 7100 Series Floats, Model 7100 Series Probes, and Model 7030 Series Probes.

It also includes Models 950, Model 960 AutoStik II, EBW, AutoStik, AutoStik I, AutoStik II, AutoStik Jr, AutoStik Junior, AutoStik Junior 4, Ametek Probes, Magnetek Probes, Patriot Sensor, BW Controls, Auto Series 7100, Petro-Stik and any others that are listed on this website.


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